Managed Services

DowdSystems is your local managed service provider in St. Joseph, Benton Harbor and the surrounding communities.  DowdSystems provides the quality structured wiring, wireless network set-up, IT support and technical support that is vital to the success of any local business. 


DowdSystems makes it affordable for small businesses to have access to fast and efficient IT services.  Whether you’re a small business start up or need additional support for your IT department, DowdSystems helps keep your business running smoothly.  

Structured Wiring
DowdSystems believes that the key to having a high quality business network starts with proper structured wiring.  DowdSystems will assess your current structure and recommend upgrades that will prevent future computer downtime. 

Wireless Network Set-up
There are several factors to consider when implementing a wireless network for your business.  DowdSystems will help your business with everything from access points and frequency bands to implementing strong management and security mechanisms.  DowdSystems will also ensure that your network, not only fits your current needs, but is prepared grow as your business grows.

High Speed Access
Businesses that install high speed access see a rapid payback of their investment through higher productivity.  DowdSystems will evaluate your current structure and provide a recommendation for implementing a network that will fit your current and future needs.

Network Security
Protecting your data is a top priority for DowdSystems.  Internal and external communications carry a ton of proprietary information and data vital to your business.  You have to be confident that this information is secure.  That is why, at DowdSystems, we employ the highest network security protocol to ensure the security of your business information. 

IT Support
Business owners know that productivity is directly linked to continuous access to technology.  DowdSystems tech support will help your company decrease downtime with proper management and updates to your computer network.  Once you agree on the proper network strategy, DowdSystems will build your network solution.  A quality network starts with a good foundation of structured wiring.  Adding a wireless network can add flexibility and efficiency to your operation.  Then, DowdSystems provides IT support to ensure your network and software is running smoothly, with limited down time. 

Local Connection
Dowd Systems is locally owned and operated by Dan Dowd.  Dan works closely with several St. Joseph area businesses.  At Dowd Systems, our passion is designing and supporting your business network to exceed your expectations.  We will work hard to make sure your computer system is running smoothly.

Please allow us the opportunity to show you why DowdSystems is the preferred managed system provider in the St. Joseph area.  Contact us today for your free consultation.