Structured Wiring

DowdSystems believes that the key to having a high quality business network starts with proper structured wiring.  DowdSystems will assess your current structure and recommend upgrades that will prevent future computer downtime. 

Business today relies more and more on data communication and distribution.  This growth in technology requires structured wiring in order to meet distribution needs of your business audio, video, data, telephone, security signals and local area network (LAN).  


Why should you consider Structured Wiring?

·         Speed – Structured Wiring from DowdSystems allows you to send and receive large amounts of data quickly, which keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.

·         Configuration – DowdSystems will work closely with you to customize each workstation. 

·         Troubleshooting – DowdSystems will run your structured wiring system through a structured networking panel so that it is easy for DowdSystems to isolate and resolve problems quickly.

·         Consistent Signal Quality – Running cable directly to each workstation provides an uninterrupted and strong signal to each terminal.


Structured wiring components will you need?

·         Structured Networking Panel – Much like an electrical panel receives and distributes electricity, a Structured Network Panel receives and distributes signals throughout your business.  Direct lines are run throughout your business to each workstation.  The Structured Network Panel also provides a distribution hub for internal communications including audio, video, security, computer networking, and shared printer functions.

·         High-performance Cabling – DowdSystems will council your business on the types of cables needed based on the network traffic that you plan on distributing.

o   CAT6 - Category 6 cables, also called CAT6 or generically called Ethernet cables, are the industry standard for connecting computer networks.  CAT6 cables consist of 4 twisted pairs of wire (8 total conductors) with an Ethernet capability of up to 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). They terminate in RJ-45 jacks plugs, which look like wider versions of common telephone plug.

o   CAT6a Cables - CAT6a is the emerging standard, offering up to ten times the bandwidth of CAT6.

o   Fiber Optic Cables - Fiber optic cable holds tremendous potential for delivering massive amounts of data, video and audio at unprecedented speeds. If you need to install cable over a long run and must have the highest quality, you'll want to consider fiber optics. Fiber optic cables use glass or plastic threads to efficiently transmit data.

·         Multi-port Wall plates

·         Connectors