Wireless Network Set-up

Small businesses that adopt wireless networks are seeing in increase in productivity, mobility and worker satisfaction resulting in immediate return on investment.  DowdSystems will assess your wireless network needs and recommend a solution tailored specifically to your business.


Why implement a wireless network for your business?

·         Cost efficient – Wireless network installation may be significantly less than structured wiring your business.

·         Flexibility – Wireless networks allow you to change or expand your business to fit you ever changing business needs without the cost of re-wiring your space.

·         Access – Flexible and convenient access to your businesses wireless network increases collaboration and productivity.

DowdSystems will conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing technology structure and design a wireless network that integrates seamlessly with your existing technology and infrastructure.

Once you have agreed upon a wireless network solution, DowdSystems will install and setup your system.  Dowd Systems will determine your access points, communication and encryption software, and connection to your wired LAN.

Once the wireless network structure is in place, DowdSystems will configure all of your devices to connect to your network.  Your wireless network will be tested before it goes live to ensure optimal speed and signal strength. 

Data integrity is imperative in the digital age.  DowdSystems will implement security measures that ensure that your date and communications are safe and secure. 

Whether your business implements a structured wired network, a wireless network, or combination, you need to support your business network.  DowdSystems will provide 24 hour support of your structured and wireless network.